Train Wreck

 In Vocation

With my first book out the next month or two and conversations with my coach about what to expect, an uneasy feeling enveloped me. With the vision of increasing demands on my time with possible interviews, presentations, and out-of-town travel combined with my pre-existing domestically impaired home organizational process, I envisioned an inevitable train wreck ahead.

Relying on self alone was not going to cut it. I needed help.

I had used a professional organizer briefly in the past to create time and space for book writing with good success. I searched the web. Apparently, only two of the four organizers were organized enough to respond to my inquiry, and only one chose to respond with a phone call rather than send in impersonal email.

After the free two-hour consultation with Kirsten Awe of Three Pea, I could see relief on the way. The clutter-awareness-raising home tour raised my discomfort with my personal disorganization.

Everyone has different gifts. Recognizing one’s needs, gifts, and limitations develops humility, the foundation of spiritual growth.

In my next blog I’ll share the unfolding gift God is giving me through receiving help to be better organized.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Identify where you might need the help of another and humbly ask for it.

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