Turning Strangers into Ideal Clients Quickly: An Interview with Craig Andrews

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To thrive a business must have a steady flow of qualified leads who eventually become ideal clients.  

But where do you get those qualified leads?  How do you know they are qualified?  How do they know they even need your product or service?  What do you do when you find them?  How long is this going to take?  How are you going to fit this in your schedule? .  

Our guest creates, uses, and teaches a proven method that mimics the stages of courtship, and helps companies find strangers and convert them into high-paying customers. An eight-stage Customer Value Journey is the framework that leads someone from first contact to post purchase.

Craig Andrews is the Principal Ally and founder of marketing agency allies4me. Craig and the allies4me team are consummate students of psychology and use these insights to supercharge sales engines for clients.

In addition to running a successful business, Craig had the unique experiences of spending six months of his life in a drug-induced coma.

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