Wearing it Well

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That Target trip to finish my Christmas shopping delivered an unexpected pleasure.  After seeing the sock display, I instantly wandered toward it  to pick up a few additional pairs as several of mine had ended up in the trash with holes on the heels and, even worse, the toes.  My experience was that the socks were picked over when I waited until after Christmas to buy them.

Putting several trouser socks in my cart, the thick thermal socks seemed to skip at the top of the display.  Having no previous intention to buy them, I threw a couple of pairs into my cart.  My last purchase of thermal socks was decades ago in preparation for a ski trip.

And when I slipped them on my feet, I was stunned by the sensation. My reaction surprised me…even embarrassed me.

Their thickness grabbed my foot and shin, pulsing instant warmth and comfort.  The elastic on the top embraced my calf just enough to stay up without leaving a trace of tightness and discomfort.  It was hard to describe the pleasure I felt as the socks massaged my feet, heels, and lower legs.  Wear after wear my thermal socks delivered the nurturing sensation I grew to expect.

This is heavenly!

And in honesty, it is a similar experience that I have as over the years I’ve embraced my Catholic faith more and more deeply.  Understanding and surrendering to her teachings leaves me warm and peaceful.  As my life unfolded the tabernacle surprised me by revealing that the Eucharist and all it encompasses are the keys to my happiness.  Being in sync with my roles as the Church prescribes keeps me steady, feeling neither flapping in the breeze nor too constricted.  And unapologetically living my Catholic faith through thick and thin, in private and in public, makes me feel clean, nurtured, and cuddled by an almighty God who always has my back.

So as you embark on the first day of 2013, I encourage you to wear your Catholic faith well.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  In the long run nothing feels more right than fully living your Catholic faith.

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