What Dying Teaches Us About Living

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We’re always caught up in daily routines and current events since there are already so many problems to fix right at the moment. But what do we do when that existential dread sets in? What are we working towards, and what if it all ends at death? Someday we need to accept that every journey has its final day.

This topic is heavy and difficult to address, but Fred Grewe specializes in this end-of-life crisis. He has helped more than 3,000 people who have passed away with peace of mind with his spiritual guidance. He tackles head-on the tricky questions such as the meaning of life and how to pass away with no regrets.

Fred Grewe is a hospice chaplain with a Doctor of Ministry from the Pacific School of Religion. Through his personal relationship with God, he found his life purpose in educating those coping with existential distress, sharing his generosity, and spreading gratitude to everyone he meets. God transformed him from a simple man with no purpose to a headstrong, kind chaplain who spreads love wherever he goes.

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