What Is Your Holy Spirit-Inspired Vision (and Why Does It Matter)?

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In my transition from mental health to coaching almost 10 years ago, the rave in the coaching world of “manifesting” fascinated me. While “manifesting” sounds woo woo and New Age, the  Bible references it about 31 times. 

The results showed manifesting works magically. Only later did I recognize the science – Neuro-linguistic Programming, the way the brain is structured, and how our emotions work – behind it.  

I saw “white space” in that many coaches didn’t reference “Christian” manifesting. For me creating a Christian spin on manifesting came naturally. In my five years in Corporate America and 20-plus years as faith-based Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, I relatively effortlessly integrated my faith into my work.

Following a Holy Spirit-inspired vision versus a vision differentiates Christian and secular manifesting.

So what is a Holy Spirit-inspired vision?  Why isn’t my “vision” enough?

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What is your Holy Spirit Inspired vision and why does it matter?

Posted by Christian Biz Owners On Fire on Wednesday, February 26, 2020


You perfectly start a Christian Manifesting process by defining your personal vision.  Your vision should jazz you up. It should be selfish. Don’t make it sound “Christian-y”.  We’re not going for the Miss America platforms here or wanting world peace.

What do you want? How do you want your life to be?

YOUR vision is doable. Your spouse’s vision, your dad’s vision, your mom’s vision, your next door neighbor’s vision, and the other entrepreneur’s vision at the networking event is not. Flush out what you really want and leave the rest.


Let’s be clear. I love my clients and the work I do. I am living my vision job. But what I want to create in my life inspires and motivates me persevere through the muck. I want flexibility to be a great mom and support my family. I want resources to take care of myself well, have a cozy, right-fit home I recharge in, have time and energy to spend with the important people in my life, and have the means to pursue my bigger dreams. When I am successful with what I do at work, the other pieces fall into place.

Being open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit starts with recognizing your unique gifts and glimpse into the unique purpose for which God created you.  

People struggle seeing their talents. They assume incorrectly everyone else can do what they do well. When you start to appreciate how specifically you were designed and how that design fits perfectly with the desires of your heart, your purpose emerges.

You are here for a one-of-a-kind purpose.

Constructive feedback from people you trust pulls your vision together and enables you to bounce back..

What started as a selfish desire lays the foundation for impactful, exponential change.

At Christian Biz Owners on Fire Radio we say,  from St. Catherine of Sienna, “If you ARE what you should BE, YOU will SET  the world on FIRE”.

My personal, selfish desire at the root of my vision evolved into me seeing my ability to inspire and support people with much greater talents than me to take big leaps forward towards their Holy Spirit-inspired visions that truly are life-changing and world-changing.


Your ability to achieve your Holy Spirit inspired vision lies outside of your reach. God wants you to have a vision that requires your dependence on him to fulfill it. It’s natural to resist the loss of control letting go of self-reliance to pull it off.

It’s tempting to land at your vision and resist moving forward. Your vision is comfortable. God’s vision for you takes you out of your comfort zone.

Moses didn’t know the Red Sea would open before he told Pharaoh to take a leap and left town with the Israelites. 

You possess all the resources for your vision. With your Holy Spirit-inspired vision the tools and people and opportunities to complete it are presented slowly and at the right time. With your Holy Spirit inspired vision you can see ahead, but only a few steps ahead.  If the whole picture has unfolded for you from the beginning, you are pursuing your vision, not God’s. God likes a juicy process. God’s vision exhilarates. Your vision, once achieved, will leave you unsatisfied.


It’s human nature to want everything neat and clean without hiccups. We crave control.

God makes messes. And if you say, “yes” to being a key actor in the script you will get dirty, you will fall, and you will end up in places you never imagined you would be. But it will be lots more fun than sitting in a house with a clean white carpet with your shoes at the door.

Christian Entrepreneur Biz and Life Tip: If you are feeling a little crazy and unstable as you step in the directions of your dreams, you probably have jumped onto your Holy Spirit-inspired vision.  If you would like a little help figuring that out, let’s talk. Go to http://talkwithchristina.com.

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