What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know

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I just listened to Business Coach Trainer Gary Henson reference the words of  former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld categorized how we see the world in terms of 1) what we know, 2) what we don’t know, and 3) what we don’t know we don’t know.  Coaches guide clients to personal and professional breakthroughs by helping them master the needed skills they don’t know and discover and incorporate relevant knowledge they are unaware is missing.

The business world isn’t the only place to discover and implement knowledge that leads to transformation.  Coaches help tap the enormous potential of our relationships; with the prospect to revolutionize the destiny of yourself and others.

Catholic coaching supernaturalizes the coaching relationship with impact beyond our capacity to understand space and time. Catholic relationship coaching equips you to make a positive eternal impact on those you encounter by learning what to prioritize and do and not do in this short time you have on earth.

The grand scale of the differences we can make in people’s lives just through our contact with them overwhelm  some. In my talks in local parishes, the unclear, unusual looks I would sometimes see in the eyes of some of the women never made sense until I heard Secretary Rumsfeld’s statements.  Encouraging Catholic women to have an eternal perspective in their everyday relationship choices, to have processes in place to do God’s will in both the minutia of their lives as well as when making major decisions, and to encourage them to delve into the resources available that will help them be clear on God’s design for every area of their lives catapulted many of them into the world of “what they didn’t know they didn’t know”.  The intimidation factor makes some of them look like they are not sure they really wanted to know.

But there is nothing to be afraid of.  God is very gentle in helping us uncover “what we don’t know we don’t know” and learn what to do about it.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with me to begin the exciting journey of “learning what you don’t know you don’t know”.
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