Your Life and Biz Are Less Messy with God at the Center

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Most people would agree that life can be messy.  When you are a business owner on top of that, it can get even messier.

One of the differences between us and the angels is that God gave us earthly bodies.  Throw the daily details of being human in the mix, if not handled properly, and you can have a real mess!

Add the complexity of the drama of salvation history and visible and invisible battle for our souls in active spiritual warfare, and it’s hard to keep anything clean!

Our guest today, Laura Woj, is the founder of Super Undies and Threaded Armor, companies specializing in incontinence for children and adults. She lives in California with her husband of 18 years and 3 children, and is an active member at Lighthouse Church in Newbury Park, CA. Laura has a heart for folks suffering with incontinence, and finds herself uniquely positioned to help them. Her background in cloth diaper manufacturing now aids children with special need and adults with incontinence all over the world. 

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