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I don’t know about where you live, but there has been a Zumba explosion in Wichita. For the last year Zumba classes have moved from small aerobic studios of our YMCAs to large gymnasiums to accommodate the crowds of hip-swinging, pelvic-swaying Zumbanatics.

Finally, this summer, my schedule allowed me to try a class. It was fun. But as a former aerobic instructor I recognized this new phenomena was really just good old low-impact aerobics sprinkled with Latina sex appeal, flair, and rhythm.

But adding a Zumba class in your workout routine satisfies a cardinal rule in improving physical fitness. Any personal trainer will tell you that along with consistently getting out there and moving, you have to regularly change things up in your workout routine. You must be active in modifying and challenging yourself.

As with your body, so it is with your soul.

Boredom and limited knowledge of your Catholic faith are indicators that you are being too passive in your spiritual life. The Catholic Church will not spoon-feed her teachings to you. You will never begin to comprehend the awesomeness and beauty of the mass and its thousand-year history if you won’t invest time to go deeper into its symbolism and significance. And no one will knock on your door to provide an outline of the papal encyclicals that have the power to transform your personal, marital, and family life if you simply follow the prescriptions.

You have to be an active participant. You have to get out there every day and regularly change things up.

For some it may mean giving Catholic radio or Catholic television a try, spending an hour in the Perpetual Adoration chapel, going to a workshop, taking a class. Anything to help stimulate you to think more deeply about your relationship with God and your Church will jolt your soul to new heights.

And it just so happens I have a resource that will fit the bill. In less than a week my new book, “The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships: 12 Supernatural Keys to Making Good Relationships Great and Improve Difficult Ones” will be available on Amazon.com

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Check out a new Catholic resource today to ramp up your spiritual life.

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