A Few Good Men

 In Vocation

Our 6th grade son served mass last Sunday.  And this Saturday, he has the honor of substituting for another boy to serve the Easter Vigil mass.  Both masses sandwich the tender Holy Thursday service today where Our Lord instituted the priesthood.

Over the years, watching our pastors on their knees washing the feet of several parishioner brings tears to my eyes.  Metaphorically, washing our feet is truly what our priests do for us 24/7.  They give their entire lives out of service to God and his Church, sacrificing being a husband, father, and independently navigating the world.

I wonder if God might be calling one or more of our sons to be a priest?

Many cite lack of parental support for vocations as a root cause for young men and women not responding to God’s call.  God calls all the priests, nuns, sisters, and brothers we need; we just don’t often respond to that call. Many fear “losing” their sons or daughters to religious.

Despite the deep gratitude for the priests in my life, I wish I could say I had never had that thought.

But a friend of mine pointed out the truth is having your son get married is much more of a “loss” as he clings to his wife and leaves his parents, than becoming a priest.  Regardless, our jobs as parents is to raise them with the love and reverence for God and the Church, insulate them from the false attacks and discouragement that would distance them from their true vocation, and let go and let God either way.

And if we all did that, we would have a priest at every corner to meet our every sacramental need.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Encourage your kids and grandkids to explore all of their options for vocations.

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