America the Beautiful (Part 1)

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Photo from National Constitution Center website

The highlight of our trip to Philadelphia several years ago was a visit to the National Constitution Center. The mesmerizing hour-long multimedia presentation in a modern, globe-like amphitheatre left me flying high with pride as an American and a citizen of this great country.

I do not share my husband’s pessimistic stance that most democracies decline and eventually die at the 200-year point, once the populace figures out they can vote themselves access to the treasury.

Instead, I like the message advocated at the National Constitution Center. America is a unique experiment like no other founded on Judeo-Christian principles with checks and balances, and divisions of power. We have a system that allows us to make mistakes, but ultimately correct our errors over time. Correcting errors involves sharing accurate information and changing hearts.

The abolition of slavery, an ugly scar from our past, proved that bad decisions can be reversed. Even Roe vs. Wade has been eroded with new laws enhancing the rights of the unborn child, the parents of minors considering abortions, and the health of the mother, mentally and physically, with raising standards for abortionists with shoddy, unsanitary medical practices. Hearts are changing as people become more informed about what abortion actually is and how it harms the woman, the child, and society.

And now we are in the midst of a major correction and challenge to our Constitution over Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ mandate. Catholics are not rolling over. The sleeping giant is awake and ready for a fight. Hear about the historic action this week with 43 separate Catholic entities filing 12 new federal lawsuits, in addition to the 11 or so already filed, challenging the constitutionality of the new anti-freedom mandate in my next blog.

This is America in action. Be proud and be part of the process.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Go to and educate yourself on how you can contribute to protect our religious freedom.

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  • Executive Coach

    Hi Christina,
    You are so right that America is a big experiment like no other. When you read about our founders you realize that they were a group of small town politicians working hard to figure things out. It is important to be reminded of that because it helps us to realize that this process of ours is messy but when you look at the big picture it works. And no one said it would be easy or not frustrating, but I for one am committed to the effort. With your reminder I will try to be a little more patient and forgiving.

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