Angel of Light (Part 2)

 In Faith

In my last blog I introduced you to my Pastor Father Jirak.  I shared his story of how an Angel of Light tried to confuse him on what truly is God’s will.  I noted that I, too, have had an encounter with an Angel of Light.

My Angel of Light comes to me after I have finished seeing my clients in my office several evenings a week.  With the appeal of having a block of time quiet in front of my computer without being distracted and constantly interrupted, I salivate as I make a list of all the things I want to get done.

I ignore the alarm on my watch as it rings.  I breeze past the time I need to go home in order to get enough sleep.  You know, as the Angel tells me…I am in the middle of something.  My Angel of Light encourages me to keep on going and ignore what my body is telling me.  Out of exhaustion and low blood sugar, it doesn’t take much for me to start nibbling chocolates in my dad’s office that he gives to kid clients.

Unfortunately unlike Father Jirak, my epiphany did not forever cure me from being persuaded by this particular Angel of Light.  I suffer regular amnesia to its tactics.  But with time I am making progress.

Just like education is the door out of poverty, spiritual formation is the weapon against the Angels of Light in your life.  By going to a mass or a retreat, I am exposing myself to the correct way to look at what is happening in my life.  We may not always be victorious over the deception and temptation but with constancy we can all make progress.  Those Angels of Light will have to work much harder to trip us up in the future.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Make sure you are doing one thing per week to deepen your spiritual formation.  If not, add something.

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