Are You Hurting Your Business Results by Working Too Much?

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Do you work too much?If you’ve ever started a new business—unless you have the Midas touch—you know the stress that comes with trying to get all the moving parts working quickly to be profitable. On average, most companies don’t see profit for the first 3-5 years.

This uncertainty could  lead to:

  • Sleepless nights

  • Doubts about your decision to invest in your business

  • Frustrations

  • Relationship conflicts

  • Financial stress

  • And worry.

So what does a typical business owner do? Some may  resort to working longer hours thinking that is the remedy for the lack in profit.

But that is the absolutely the worse thing you could do.

Alishia Willardson
And the energetic, fun, Peak Personal Power Coach Alishia Willardson couldn’t agree more.

Alishia insists you can’t be your best in our biz and home life unless you are in Peak Personal Power.  When in Peak Personal Power you have

  • Clarity about what you need to do

  • Confidence and motivation to get it done

  • And the mojo that attracts clients and money

Sounds awesome!  Where do I get some?

Alishia has a simple prescription for achieving Peak Personal Power:

Every day have a Peak Personal Power Hour with:

  1. 20 minutes of inspirational reading,
  2. 20 minutes of motivational reading,
  3. 20 minutes of physical exercise


One 3-4 hour date with just you…every week.

No, don’t freak out.

You heard me right.

  • No errands

  • No social commitments that don’t totally recharge you

  • No emails

  • No feeling guilty for leaving the kids with the sitter, if necessary.

  • Nothing you  don’t want to do.

It’s totally fun time to just be with yourself doing stuff you love.

You might be like most busy people and wonder how you would ever have time for that.  I challenge you to try it.

I did.

And several of my clients did, too.

And now you couldn’t peel my Peak Personal Power Date from me with a crowbar.  And my clients had the same reaction.

Thanks Alishia!

Catholic Mompreneur’s Biz and Life Tip:  Learn more fundamental success habits tailored for the Catholic Biz Mom to help you be a Peak Performer at home and work.  

Look for the launch of my Faith-Based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp Coaching Group coming in mid-October.


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