Making Space for Success in Your Life & Business

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Making Space for business and familyLike they say, it’s a good thing we women have the babies. I’ve become adept at tuning out non-essential verbal data after spending close to two decades hearing my husband describe with great detail any slight physical discomfort he might be experiencing.

Well, I got it wrong this time.

The Dish guy had to come to the house because our Hopper didn’t work. My spouse took the opportunity to have him help us rearrange and set up our TV sets. Joe’s dad had given us a large flat screen TV that needed a home. A few other sets needed to be relocated and connected.

While holding one of the sets, my husband let out a scream. Somehow the TV shocked him, and he immediately dropped it on his arm. After two weeks of misdiagnosis and various shades of purple and blue, Joe ended up in the office of the orthopedic surgeon.

Within twenty-four hours he was in the operating room so the doctor could repair his torn biceps tendon.

I spent eight straight hours between taking Joe to surgery and sitting in the waiting room. This followed an entire week with our oldest middle-schooler being sick.

While both scenarios were a bit distracting, those are mompreneur shining moments. I get to be there for my family when they need me, and I’m still able to move forward with what I need to do in my business.

It’s all possible because I’ve been on a journey to make space for both my life and my business.

Making Space

Making space is critical to balancing business and family. You make space for your life and your business when you

  • Know what you need to do when,
  • Are organized with both the technology and the supplies to do it when and where you need it,
  • Have a variety of systems in place that keep your home running relatively smoothly even when you are extremely busy,
  • Lead a team of competent, cooperative family members who know how to pitch in without complaint when things need to be taken up a notch,
  • Embed yourself in a community that allows you to “tap into the village” when you need to,
  • Develop relationships with personal and professional support people who can help pull your weight when your load gets too heavy

Make Space Before You Need It

There is a distinct difference between mompreneurs who arrive at the life of their dreams from those who either have not enough revenue or those that have clients but painfully no time.

Smart mompreneurs create the space before they need it.

They make the space for growth before their business actually take off.

They create the margins in their life, so when life happens they have a little bit of life left in them to devote to it.

You don’t need to be afraid of the journey towards abundance God wants to give you…if you’ll steadily work on making space for the new life he wants you to have.

Catholic Momprenuer Biz and Life Tip: Make sure each week you are taking a step to free up more of your time, energy, and space for the next chapter of your life.

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