Becoming Your Own Banker: An Interview with Jason K Powers

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Back in September last year, we were introduced to the concept of infinite banking by our guest, Brandon Neely.

In this episode, we delve deeper into the infinite banking concept (IBC) as we interview Jason K Powers.

Jason K Powers is a Multi-Business Owner, Real Estate Investor & Wealth Strategist with an eclectic and exciting background ranging from real estate investing to international non-profit work to wealth planning.  

Jason is also an Authorized IBC Practitioner certified from the Nelson Nash Institute, possessing a solid foundational knowledge in the theory and implementation of the Infinite Banking Concept, as well as an understanding of Austrian economics and its unique insights into our monetary and banking institutions.

After learning about the Infinite Banking Concept and seeing what it could do for him, Jason dove head first in to helping others around the country set up their own Private Family Banking Systems, change their mindset about money, and experience something life changing. 

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