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Our guest on the show today is here to let you know that you don’t have to go through that struggle alone. Bill Woolsey is the founder of FiveTwo, a network dedicated to aiding Christian entrepreneurs that want to launch their business for Jesus. This network will work with any faith-based organizations to provide clear, lasting start-ups and coaching to support your business. 

Bill Woolsey is responsible for equipping Christian women and men to launch countless ventures of all sizes – from churches to homeless shelters to support groups and medical clinics, all across the country. With several decades of experience in leadership of ministries and networks, he launched FiveTwo in 2009 to help anyone who wanted to evangelize their faith through business. He wrote a book to support his mission called “Seven Steps to Start.” He and his team recently launched their StartNew Training platform ( that equips a person to build, fund, and launch ventures that help people.

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