Blown Away

After a disquieting Sunday afternoon pacing in front of the radar on TV, listening to tornado sirens in our basementless home, my husband and I  ultimately discerned the moment was now to put the [...]

In Faith

Gods Loves a Dodo

The coverage of Mother Angelica’s 90th birthday put words to why she is so beloved:  she’s a self-professed dodo.  The now extinct, flightless bird parallels God’s taste in apostles.  Rather than [...]


Divine Intersection

CNN’s Pierce Morgan attempted to entangle Senator Rick Santorum into pledging  alliance  to the potentially new Church Doctrine under Pope Francis that condom use would be licit to prevent the [...]


Change Back Moves

People who come to therapy or who invest significant time and energy into their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth regularly encounter “change back moves”.  While many people  profess to [...]


Home Sweet Home

My five-year-old son Benjamin’s comment that no one wrapped the swimming towel around him  like mommy melted my heart.   His perception that I tenderly nurtured, despite how inept and clumsy I [...]

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