Confession: The Fountain of Spiritual Healing

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As a therapist I often get the honor of witnessing firsthand how God heals a soul sitting in my office. People’s appearance actually transform before your eyes as they experience God’s gentle touch and move towards wholeness.

I got the opportunity to witness this during our daughter Gianna’s First Reconciliation where not only the kids experienced transformation but the parents as well.

It was a tender string of moments that the kids won’t forget. The lights were dimmed in the church sanctuary. Upon entering the church the kids were greeted by their two 2nd grade teachers who had diligently prepared them for this special moment.

The children sitting with their families led with a song describing the forgiveness they would directly receive from Jesus in the confessional. The children were asked to go to the east side of the church to stand in line for their First Confession.

A few days before, our pastor had sent a personal letter to the parents along with a guide for examining one’s conscience. He invited each parent to also go to confession at the Reconciliation service.

I had not remembered such an invitation at our eldest’s First Confession.

The parents were instructed to line up at the opposite side of the church for confession. A large number of them did.

Many of the adults took a long time in the confessional. I could feel God touching them. The mom next to me said she was very glad for the opportunity to go to confession, as it had been a very long time.

When Gianna left the sanctuary with her new Reconciliation candle and a big smile, I know a weight had been lifted off her. I knew she was learning that God doesn’t expect her to be perfect. He only asks that she says she is sorry and try to do better when she makes a mistake.

And I saw a number of parents with lightened souls spring to their cars as well.

Isn’t God good!

In my next blog, I will share what I was most grateful for with Gianna’s First Confession.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Schedule when you and your family will go to confession in the next two weeks.

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