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Being openly religious in your business and life can be risky and possibly divisive.  But as Christians, we are called to share the “good news”.  How do you do that if it’s not okay to start the conversation?

In this first part of a two-part interview, our guest Natasha Hynes is about learning to unconditionally love ourselves as well as everyone else. It’s about spiritual growth and healing.  She hosts her “Self Love and Spiritual Growth” podcast and describes herself as a member of the New Age Movement.

Natasha Hynes is a self-love specialist and professional intuitive. She focuses on helping sensitive and empathic people redefine how they see themselves and heal from trauma, shame, and self-hate.

She has personally overcome suicidal depression, addiction, body dysmorphia, bulimia, and toxic shame from narcissistic abuse.​ Her mission is to remind you of who you truly are, a divine being inherently worthy of love and respect from yourself and others.

Natasha strives to be the light in a dark world and help us ascend to a brighter future.

In this episode, Natasha and I will explore various sticking points between Christianity and the New Age Movement with the goal of better understanding and a better feeling of community as members of the human race. 

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  • James Crockett

    The discussion with Natasha Hynes was outstanding. Many of today’s most important religious issues were brought out and discussed in a civil, thoughtful, caring environment. Bravo!

  • admin

    Thanks James! Natasha had the idea for this adjusted format. I thought it worked very well.

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