Converting Conversations to Clients with Integrity

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Leads may or may not be too hard to come by – even qualified leads – but when it comes to turning those leads into paying clients, that’s where many business owners falter. Many of us  feel our confidence level drops when we start talking about money, or even feel guilty or embarrassed to give a sales pitch. We want to learn to convert conversations to clients more effectively, but with a level of integrity that makes the whole process feel authentic and true to ourselves.

Our guest in this episode teaches a process of turning leads into clients from your value-based sales conversations, in total integrity and authenticity. Full understanding of the psychology of customers and the entire sales process is the basis of his system.

Tiji Thomas is a 7-figure success coach and the president of “The UnSelling System”. Using his Get Clients. Not Leads.™ client conversion process, he has built a successful company and now helps other entrepreneurs, coaches, course instructors, and service providers to increase their revenue through authenticity and integrity-based conversions of leads into paying clients.

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