Converting Costs into Assets

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Our guest today is the CEO of a company that  has created innovative solutions that address the number one reason why businesses owners sell their companies.  And that reason isn’t tthat business owners are sailing into the sunset of retirement bliss.

Small business owners have to manage their funds to stay in business.  With the daily challenges on making a business work, putting plans in place to protect the company and owner from potentially fatal events in the future often is not a current day financial priority.  Our guest helps educate business owners on the real risks, while providing an affordable means to protect the business they are building..  

Being too tight with money to the point of restricting and sacrificing the potential growth of your business or ignoring or minimizing future risks can do more harm than good.

The key, according to our guest in this episode, is to be creative in managing your finances and risks. And one of the ways to turn costs into assets is making money from your credit card processing rather than having to pay that out. How is it done? Luis Beeli sheds some light on this topic. Luis is the CEO of Lunar Financial Services, a company that creates protection for businesses should the owner becomes ill.

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