Daylight Savings Time

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You know it’s a bad sign when it is two weeks past the fall back weekend of daylight savings time and two-thirds of your clocks are still an hour ahead. Some are an hour and a few minutes ahead; others are 58 eight minutes ahead, depending on how off the clock was in the first place. Every glance at the clock requires a quick calculation to determine the actual time.

So the question is, are you just “busy” or are you “busy for Christ”?

A friend and colleague of mine worked in a drug and alcohol outpatient treatment centers. As an intern, I sat in on one of her group sessions. She talked about what it means to be spiritual. She summed it up to say you value spirituality if you put people above things.

So if you are too busy to get your clocks turned back or any other mundane task on your list because you are investing in people, does that mean you are on track? Well, not necessarily.

There’s a little more nuance to it. For some people, God is calling them in the moment to be less task-oriented and more focused on connecting with others. For others, to take that extra time to make sure the laundry is folded and the dishes cleaned up when hubby comes home so the house is not in a state of disaster rather than doing one more puzzle with the little guy is the true act of charity.

You have to know yourself and your role…and you have to listen to your best friend, the Holy Spirit. He’ll guide you in the right direction. It’s about developing that clear conscience that helps us know with great confidence what we should be doing in each moment.

Unlike in eternity, God gives us the constraints of time on this earth. But He does this out of love. He wants to refine us so that we will be His perfect bride in the life to come.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Listen to the Holy Spirit today to clarify where you should be focusing your attention at that moment–whether it be on completing a task or connecting with a person.

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