4 Ways to Catch Up in a Learning Curve

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Dealing with learning curvesIt’s odd to think you might not want your business to grow.

“Of course, I want more clients, revenue, and leverage so I work less,” you say.

To upgrade your business and life, you must do things differently, as well as, do things you weren’t doing before. But your unconscious protests,

“I can’t do any more.

I can’t add any thing else to my plate.

Changing is stressful.

I don’t want to do it.”

Making sure you got the message, your unconscious halts activities that makes your business prosper, (and you squirm a little).

You say, “Make the difficult phone call.” Your subconscious says, “No, let’s work on your website instead.”

You say, “Follow up with that potential customer,” or, “Spend some time learning how to use that new client contact software better”. And your unconscious mind directs you to cut work short so you can run an errand.

What does your unconscious mind know that you don’t?

It recognizes that with each leap forward there is a learning curve. Learning curves definitely slow you down and can, on occasion, be quite painful. So, your unconscious hedges its bet thinking staying the same would actually be a lot better and does everything in your power to keep you there.

When life throws you a learning curve, you have to know how to catch it. Here’s how to grow your business with the inevitable first time slowdowns without losing your mind.

1) Always Know Where You Are in Your Business and Your Next Step

Always visualize where you want to take your business. Without it, your unconscious doesn’t need to pester you; you threaten no one.

2) Identify the Tools and Processes You Will Need to Get There

Without researching the details to accomplish your up-levelling, you can get paralyzed. Even with an outlined process, implementation can still be challenging. The new process will slow you down, which annoys many entrepreneurs. You’ll need to work out bugs. But, you probably won’t improve your flow without a blueprint in place because of overload with too many unknowns.

3) Do First Things First

Business people either ignore new processes they need to create or try to implement too many systems at once. Create outcomes you need to see in your current initiatives before launching new improvement projects.

4) Create an Order of the Growth-related Projects

Progressive planning, mapping projects over time helps you see the logical order of your system.

5) Build in Accountability and Support

Accountability keeps you on task and ensures you have the right kind of support you need when you need it. The feedback of a trusted accountability partner helps buffer the inevitable kinks that accompany growth.

Learning curves go away with time. Instead of just dealing with learning curves, they become welcome friends to those desiring the abundance in their business God wants for them.

Catholic Mompreneur Biz and Life Tip: Describe and write down where you currently see yourself in your business and identify your next up-levelling step.

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