Expanding Their Minds

 In Vocation

K4J (Kids for Jesus), the virtue building program, runs through our veins in the Weber home— ever since our oldest was three.  Last year, the Catholic school our kids attend were the first in our area to implement the Kids for Jesus School of Virtue. Each month the kids focus on the habits that will develop the virtue of the month. Last month the K4J Jump for Jesus Mission helps the kids abound in the virtue of “joyful obedience”.  I copied one of the activities the kids were doing at school in our home. Several days at breakfast I shared various newspaper articles of good and bad examples of obedience.

In front of three sets of interested eyes after our hometown basketball team went to the NCAA Final Four, I showcased how “joyful obedience” helped  Tekele Cotton, Wichita State University sophomore defensive all-star player, develop the high quality personal character that caused those younger and older than him to see him as the silent leader and inspirational role model.

A couple of days later I pulled out the article of the 19–year-old Kansas University freshman who died of alcohol poisoning.  I queried my kids on what is happening when a 19-year-old dies of alcohol poisoning when the drinking age is twenty-one.  They resoundingly responded, “disobedience”.  Bringing the virtue alive pairing it with real life examples captured the attention of my kids.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed our 12-year-old take an interest in reading the daily newspaper.  My kids’ intrigue illuminated the power of this process that I had begun.  Tying the monthly virtue with modern day examples from the paper expands my kids’ minds. I was bringing into their consciousness what they did not know they did not know.

As an on-fire Catholic mom my mouth was salivating.  I could taste the growth  in maturity, wisdom, and appreciation for virtue that my kids would continue to get as they see the practical benefits of growing in holiness.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Always look for practical ways to grow virtue in yourself and others.

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