From Concert Pianist to the Presidency

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As the daughter of a civil rights activist, our guest for today has learned a lot about choosing her battles by watching her father vehemently fight them all. Equally a product of her mother’s faith-focused child rearing, she speaks passionately about the role purpose-based living has played in building her life and her diversified career. 

Jade Simmons spent the first few years of her career performing as a classical concert pianist. Following an artistic epiphany, she pivoted from playing the piano to impressing audiences, to using the piano as the vehicle by which to provide the inspiration, information, and entertainment that profoundly moves them instead. Jade’s impactful message translates to corporate and college audiences alike. Her uncommon insight and enlightened perspective touch anyone looking for fresh ideas and inspiration. 

Jade has performed at The White House and has also received the Sphinx Organization’s Medal of Excellence in a concert held at the US Supreme Court. This year, Jade hopes to return to The White House with her Operation Restoration 2020 program. 2020 Independent Presidential candidate, Jade Simmons, brings a new lane of experience to the table, eschewing the traditional path of politicians who have come before her. We have seen what politics, as usual, can do. It’s time now for a fresh take and a new vision.

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