Gods Loves a Dodo

 In Faith

The coverage of Mother Angelica’s 90th birthday put words to why she is so beloved:  she’s a self-professed dodo.  The now extinct, flightless bird parallels God’s taste in apostles.  Rather than select those who have it all together, He picks the least likely of trusted servants.  He calls those lacking in skills and resources, those others predict to fail in life.

But the dodo has an edge that makes him God’s chosen instrument.  Others whom God calls to great missions analyze his request to ensure the probability of success and how well suited the servant is to achieve the task.

But, the charm of the dodo is that it doesn’t have any idea of the insurmountable request God places on it.  The dodo just does it, and believes it will work because God says so.

A dodo move is kind of like a cloistered nun launching a  tackle business.  Mother Angelica’s community  successfully marketed  Holy St. Peter’s Fishing Lures, founding the engine to   ultimately build the largest Catholic Channel in the world with an audience of 146 million homes, broadcasted in 127 countries.

Isn’t it time you have a little fun being a dodo?

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Say “yes” to God today – no questions asked.

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