How Could This Happen? (Part 1)

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Like many Americans I was eager to get the election update when I walked in the house after seeing my clients for the evening. I asked my prone-to-see-the-glass-half-empty husband, an occupational hazard as a lawyer, for the low down as he was doing chores around the house. He said it didn’t look good. I discounted his view as overly pessimistic as I glued myself to the tube.

Just like many other pro-life, pro-religious freedom, love-the-USA Catholics, my heart sank with each minute and new electoral revelation. How could this happen? How could the most anti-life president in modern times, with a horrendously poor leadership record in general carrying with him a bad economy and record-high unemployment get re-elected? How could the country ignore the legislation he advanced that makes it a crime for Catholic institutions not to pay for contraception and abortion services? Is this the United States of America? What has happened to our country?

Plotting a prudent course between politics and religion challenges us to understand our roles and responsibilities. Christ wasn’t political, but he did navigate the politics of the day well, i.e. give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. While Christ didn’t win every battle, he does win the war. And as his followers, we will, too, if we learn the lessons he is showing us about integrating our Catholicity in the political arena.

The phenomena of being Christians in a country with declining religious affiliation and reduced percentages of church-going individuals and families caught many of us off guard. The culture broadsided us. The lesson is that we must recognize the significance of what just happened in our country and have a personal response based in God’s truth. This is not something out there; it is profoundly personal.

In the next blog I will outline some truth and responses you might want to consider to successfully prudently respond to the events going on around you.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Pay attention to events in the world, the country, and your community, and have a proactive, Christ-like response.

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