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I am developing a love-hate relationship with Coaching Telesummits. What is a Coaching Telesummit, you say? In a Coaching Telesummit a person organizes a weeklong or so event providing free access via computer or phone to hour talks by talented professionals on matters of interest. Offering practical content of good value draws me to listen to my third teleconference over the last year.

Typically each speaker gives away a free gift in exchange for subscribing to their electronic newsletters. The quality of the speakers and their offerings is second to none in guiding me to the next level.

But there are so many of them—so many newsletters flying in my email box—too many for me to read. Technologically unskilled, I was unsuccessful in getting those emails to automatically shuffle into their respective folder in my Outlook program. On top of it all, my mind was already full from the new ideas I want to implement from the pearls of wisdom shared by those who are more experienced than I am.

Then I did it. My brain was filled to capacity. I started deleting those emails and letting go of the tantalizing speakers to come. I only have so much time and so much ability to process the mound of new concepts and “ahas!”. Setting limits ushered me back into sanity.

The world may move this fast, but that’s not God’s style. The evil one has the market on busy, hectic, harried, overloaded living. So when I catch myself in the whirlwind, it’s time to step back, slow down, and spend some quality time with the manufacturer.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: If your life train is moving too fast, get off at the next stop.

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