Leveraging Your Current Life for Higher Prosperity

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We all want to succeed and grow in a few key areas of life: our relationships, our careers, and our finances. There is so much potential in each one of us, yet sometimes we fall prey to thinking “if only I had ___, then I could be more successful!”

Our guest on this episode shares some wisdom on how to grow in prosperity right where you are by getting the most out of your relationships, how you spend your time, and how you spend your money.

Jonathan Krueger is the founder of Lionsgate Advisors. He likes to call himself “the advisor’s advisor” and for good reason! He has been investing in the personal finance industry since 2000 and now owns the only fee-based investment firm in St. Louis that quarterbacks key strategies for converting tax liabilities to assets. When he is not bungee jumping over rivers in New Zealand or saving money for his clients, he hosts his own podcast called Living a Richer Life By Design where he talks about how to use relationships, community engagement, and of course, personal finances to live a more prosperous life.

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