Love: The Bond of Perfection

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As Catholics, every three years we are exposed to the entire  Bible if we attend mass every day.  So theoretically since I have been at the age of reason, I have had almost thirteen cycles of readings.  But for some reason, the scripture read at the Feast of the Holy Family seemed brand new. In Colossians 3:14, the phrase, “love – the bond of perfection”  pierced my heart.

I am not a perfectionist.  But I am an overachiever which can lend itself to versions of perfectionism.  When younger, vanity was a form of my perfectionism.  As a mom the perfectionism of organization and orderliness drew me in.  As an adult the pursuit of perfect happiness, which is not possible in this world, attracted me.  But thinking of “love” as the “bond of perfectionism never entered my mind.

But love really is the bond of perfection.  It is the answer to every relationship and life dilemma.  The measurement of love perfects our evaluation of our behavior.  Is our conduct making us better?  Are our acts helping to bring others to heaven?  Are our choices helping us best fulfill the roles our vocations prescribe?

So, disregard what all the therapists have told you about perfection.  Living love, as the bond of perfection, is your ticket to a happy, fulfilled, effective life.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Go forth and be perfect.

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