Christina has laser-focused power for helping Christian business owners to hone in on what is most important in your business and personal lives and confidently know and achieve your Holy Spirit inspired vision.

Christina is an industry leader in teaching you to successfully integrate business, relationships and a physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy Christian faith-world view.  She is the founder and CEO of Christian Biz Owners on Fire (TM). Her step-by-step system, beginning with the Faith-based Revenue Boosting Boot Camp ™ gets you, your life, and your business off the treadmill and onto the fast track to having a bigger impact, earning more in less time, and being an effective Christian witness in the New Evangelization by living a live you love.

Her high-end Christian Manifesting Mastery Course ™ teaches Christian entrepreneurs the power to better utilize your entire mind, body, and soul to bring into reality what God has put in your heart.  You can trust Christina to “fire you up” in your journey to perfecting the skill of manifesting, for abundance in all areas of your life – health, wealth, relationships, career, personal fulfilment and spirituality.

Christina’s two-plus decades as a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and successful run as dual entrepreneur, along with an intense lifetime dedication to her Christian-faith formation and personal relationship with Christ, allows her to help you quickly cut through the blocks and unhealthy patterns between you and your vision, that other coaches may be slow to point out or never see.  You can trust Christina to ask the powerful questions that will help you get to your vision quickly.

Christina loves to work with Christian Biz Owners of Fire who are ready to invest in themselves and get the support they need to return to God a high ROI on his investment of talents in them!  If you want a genuine, sure-footed, confident, and highly enthusiastic thought partner in Christ to start fully experiencing God’s abundance in your business and personal life and sharing it with others, then you are now ready for a Manifesting Session. Christina can’t wait to empower you as a member of your success team!

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