Old-School Tactics for New-Age Entrepreneurs

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In this digital age where business owners are endlessly being told just how critical web presence is to their business’s success, it’s but natural to feel overwhelmed. There are countless online marketing and networking tools available that entrepreneurs sometimes feel like unplugging.

But there is no need to resist networking and marketing just because you hate putting yourself and your business out there, especially in the online world. Remember that relationships are key and businesses are never built in a vacuum.

Our guest in this episode shows that nothing keeps things classier than old school moves that show others that online social media hasn’t destroyed your manners when it comes to being social in the business world. 

Gail Foley has been known as “The Hey Card Lady” for 12+ years. An entrepreneur, relationship marketing consultant, personal development trainer, author, speaker, network marketer, and podcast talk show host, Gail shares her own true story of transformation in “Stop The Ride! Taming The Emotional Roller Coaster” published in the book: ‘A Journey Within Self- Discovery for Women’.

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