EQ Over IQ: Transforming Your Leadership On An Emotional Level

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Are you a frustrated leader with disengaged employees and a chaotic workplace culture? It may seem really tempting to crack down and be the tough guy, but believe it or not, you can take a much gentler approach to complete transformation of your company if you just know how. 

Our guest in this episode combines her study of human nature with her skills as a business coach to create unique strategies to transform company culture with enhanced emotional intelligence. 

Mary Pat Knight is a Transformational Strategist who believes that by leveraging the power of emotional intelligence, leaders can transform not only their businesses, but influence their employees, their family members, and ultimately the world.

Mary is the founder and CEO of Leaders Inspired, a leadership development firm that focuses on creating individual and team transformation. She coaches executives and their teams to harness the power of emotional intelligence to lead with authenticity, accountability, and communication to create compelling cultures, engaged employees, and business results.

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