Successfully Juggling Work-Life Balance in a Post Coronavirus World

Breanna Gunn knows too well the issue of the constant overwhelming schedule to keep up. She developed a reliable, consistent system that helps you redirect your time and energy away from maintaining the business and towards that vacation you’ve been longing for. With her simple sales accelerator program and her market research mastery course, she […]

Leveraging Your Current Life for Higher Prosperity

We all want to succeed and grow in a few key areas of life: our relationships, our careers, and our finances. There is so much potential in each one of us, yet sometimes we fall prey to thinking “if only I had ___, then I could be more successful!” Our guest on this episode shares […]

Unlocking the LinkedIn Treasure Chest

Business marketing is a must for any entrepreneur. It spreads the word about your services, attracts target markets, and reels in new customers. But how do you market your business in the most cost-effective and efficient way?  Our guest in this episode offers a divisive-free method of advertising your business, which frees up your budget […]

Showcasing God’s Beauty Through Lighting Design

Our guest on the show today will share some insight as to how she built an award-winning female owned company to become a top provider in her industry with an elite portfolio and name recognition.

Support For Hiring Right: An Interview with Annette Alvarez

For any business to grow, the team must expand past the founder.  Good hiring decisions catapult profits and move towards one’s vision.  A bad hire, especially in a small company, can be financially devastating.  And in larger organizations where safety is involved like Fire and Police Departments, the costs of a bad-fit employee can be […]

Healing and Hope for Covid-19 Mental Health Struggles

The Coronavirus pandemic threw everyone in for a loop. It rushed in out of nowhere, and there’s no end in sight either. Many of us are hanging on the edge from the built-up stress, fear, and financial setbacks. Businesses that you could count on are shut down, and those that are reopening still can’t operate […]

Change the World with Conscious Entrepreneurship

We all say we want to change the world. But how are we going to accomplish that, and do we really believe we can? Somewhere along the way, we lose sight of that desire in the nuts and bolts of the business.  Conscious entrepreneurship allows us to leave a lasting positive impact on the world […]

From Concert Pianist to the Presidency

As the daughter of a civil rights activist, our guest for today has learned a lot about choosing her battles by watching her father vehemently fight them all. Equally a product of her mother’s faith-focused child rearing, she speaks passionately about the role purpose-based living has played in building her life and her diversified career.  […]

Are You Dreaming Big Enough?

Our guest in this episode is going to give us some insight into how we can incorporate this inner knowledge and ability into our lives.

Bringing Wellness and Clarity to Finances

Our guest in this episode, Scott Samford, shares his expertise on how to improve, if not change, our attitude towards finances.

Business Founded by Love: An Interview with Destiny Selormey

At Christian Biz Owners on Fire, we believe that each person on this earth has some God-given purpose, and our guest in this episode, Destiny Selormey, knows that sometimes it takes the right person to touch your heart and empower you to unlock your full potential. Destiny is the founder and president of SparkLife International, […]

When & How to Use High-end Video Productions in Your Biz

Social media, web search ads, flyers, networking: these are all commonly used forms of business marketing which most of us feel comfortable using. However, most of us are missing out on one of the absolute most powerful ways to create and maintain connection with potential clients and customers: video marketing. Our guests in this episode, […]

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