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Discovering The Way Part 2

Andrew Calderella has lived overseas, traveled the world, is a martial artist, yogi, and what many call a health and fitness fanatic. He is a serial entrepreneur and has run a successful strategic consulting firm for over 20 years.  In addition to being an author, Andrew is an inspirational speaker, trainer, and coach who specializes […]

Defining Manhood Through Discipleship

Our guest in this episode helps us understand how men can get caught up in superficial definitions of manhood and challenges them to learn of their true potential. Dr Joe Martin, an award-winning international speaker, author, educator, and certified ‘man builder’ mentors, trains, and disciples men on how to be amazing husbands, awesome fathers, and […]

Jesus Is Good For Your Business

Why are you in the workplace or in your business? Is it not because you are called by God? Contrary to popular belief, you can’t separate the secular and the sacred. Our personal relationship with God shapes how we transact our business or relate to our colleagues. Our guest in this episode is a Christian […]

Cultivating a Values-Based Culture to Improve Business Resiliency

Creating a values-driven workplace can help companies retain employees and remain agile in difficult times.  But building a values-driven organization involves much more than talking about it or having a few cookie-cutter words onto a page: it’s about unearthing the beliefs that matter to your team and putting them into motion. When activated, those beliefs […]

Earning More By…Giving More?

EA Csolkovits shares how a Giver mindset can earn you triple your current income.

Finding the Missing Link

Even with all the guidebooks you read and all the advice you ask for, there always seems to be a missing link in your plan for success. Sometimes it might just be budgeting problems, or poor time management, but oftentimes it’s much deeper than that. The key to unlocking success lies in your mindset and […]

Discovering The Way Part 1

He has overcome dyslexia, other learning disabilities, being blind in one eye, and being bullied to become a school leader, athlete, and attain university degrees in Speech & Communications, Religious Studies, and Eastern Philosophy.  Andrew Calderella has lived overseas, traveled the world, is a martial artist, yogi, and what many call a health and fitness […]

It’s All About Endurance

Chi T. Mathias Reed is an expert endurance coach, dedicated to advising business owners like you to upkeep both your business and your personal health simultaneously. After consulting each client and carefully considering their needs, she will pull your life back together with dietary recommendations, emotional counseling, and detox sessions. 

The Truth Isn’t Always Spoken

Modern society is constantly bringing in an overflow of information in the form of noise, visuals, and feelings. It’s difficult to escape the never-ending vortex of sounds because it’s the norm to be presented with so much information at once now. But what if we seek the truth in the opposite direction, in complete silence? […]

Maintaining Mental Wellness By Seeing the Light Within

Our guest in this episode, writer Carolina Duarte, once felt so empty with a superficial and meaningless life, that she asked God to give her the desire to be an instrument of him in the world.  Through her regular dialogue with God, Carolina felt inspired to write all the messages he had given her.  She […]

Finding Joy After A Loss

At age 28, Amy Boivard was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and declared legally blind. RP is a hereditary, degenerative eye disease that results in blindness. There is no cure to date. Today Amy has no peripheral vision. She jokes that she is at the end of the “tunnel” vision in her eyesight. She suffers […]

Profit Comes First Too in Established Businesses (Part 2)

Rocky Lalvani works with small business owners to open up more channels of profit through proper planning. He finds each gap in your business that soaks up your money, and aims to repair those cracks in your cash flow. With Rocky, you’ll find yourself prioritizing Profit First, and ridding yourself of unwanted expenses.

Answering the Unanswered

Michael Umera lives out his own faith by opening up his podcast to the public. He wants to unlock the deepest muses of the mind by keeping his podcast open and friendly to any questions asked. His recent episodes deal with depression, suicide, and sexual abuse victims and how to heal from it. Michael’s thoughtful personality makes every episode into a deep, heartfelt conversation.

Digging Up Hidden Potential

Steve is passionate about business growth, efficient operations, and long-term success. With the high-end content he delivers in his presentations, his audience can immediately implement fast results. He believes business can be fun, so his delivery is entertaining thus resulting in high engagement.

Walking in the Holy Spirit Alone

Michael Ward, author of The Sixth Sola, advocates for a daily interaction with the Holy Spirit. He recognizes the importance of relying on the Holy Spirit, and the gifts it can give you to empower your everyday life. God cannot be truly fully present in you unless you are united with the whole Trinity. The […]

Surrendering to God’s Grace

Our guest on the show today will describe how inviting the Word of God into her life has transformed her to lead a fulfilling life of happiness and abundance. With emphasis on Mary and the saints, Julie Carrick wrote her inspiring book Unfailing Grace to reveal the importance of living under God’s grace. 

What Dying Teaches Us About Living

God transformed Fred Grewe from a simple man with no purpose to a headstrong, kind chaplain who spreads love wherever he goes.

A Jumpstart for Catholic Ministries

Andrew Robison has 13 years of experience working on two Catholic campus ministry programs and a university foundation. He pours that experience back into his community by teaching others how to create lasting development programs. Andrew believes that with a stable income source and more money overall, Catholic ministries can accomplish more for their good cause.

The Rise of Pop Up Retailing

Steve Brooks believes retail can survive and thrive even in a world like today. He specializes in pop up retailing, and has set off countless pop up shops in an explosion of success.

Creatively Conquering Cancer

Our guest Fitz Koehler has fought and won the ultimate battle with her body: the battle against breast cancer. All the while, she worked as a health and fitness advocate and a race announcer and developed a passion for inspiring others to stay strong in their own fights. As a fitness expert and cancer survivor, […]

Building a Business on a Bootstrap Budget

The worst part about getting your business off the ground is the immense amount of money you anticipate spending to advertise and brand it. Our budgets can’t stretch on forever, but we need a solid foundation for our businesses to thrive. If only there was a way to start a business with just $5. On […]

Filling the Gaps in Your Marketing

Kent’s innate curiosity for how things work – and how they might work better – pointed him straight into his career. A veteran ad agency and client-side marketer, Kent uncovers the true source of his client’s marketing pain and provides strategic relief with uncovered opportunities. After graduating from Wichita State University with a Bachelor’s in […]

Investing In The Right Real Estate

The dynamic husband and wife duo, Paul and Kelsey Tompkins, are successful entrepreneurs, real estate investors, speakers, and coaches. They have completed so many fix and flip real estate deals that people began referring to them as the House Flipping Experts & the nickname stuck! Their entrepreneurial journey led them to launch Flippin Experts, LLC […]

Generating Prosperous Profits Permanently

The flow of profit through your business can seem slow and trickling. With the COVID-19 pandemic, money can be especially tight in these times. Everyone is looking for a way to open up their business to faster income and promising prospects. How do we achieve that easy business and marketing strategy we need to make […]

Profit Comes First in Business Part 1

We’ve all talked about how to generate revenue with marketing and branding, but what about how to make the most of every dollar? There’s so many crevices where money can slip through due to an incomplete financial plan, or lack of knowledge about where your money is going. We want to have control over our […]

Hiking on the Trail of Life

Aryeh Green shares his two-month-long solo journey on the Israeli national trail. Along the way, he rekindled his love for God’s creation and found the strength to recover from his recent divorce, as he describes in his book My Israel Trail: Finding Peace in the Promised Land. This trek across Israel represents life in an […]

Nurturing Children to Be That Spark

Chris Parsons believes that nurturing kids at a young age with inspiration, individuality, and creativity is vital to their continued success as they develop into their own personas. With his fully illustrated chapter book, A Little Spark, he introduces music and hope in an inspiring story of two unexpected friends who defeat a fierce enemy […]

Conversations about Christianity and New Age Part 2

Natasha Hynes hosts her “Self Love and Spiritual Growth” podcast and describes herself as a member of the New Age Movement. Natasha is a self-love specialist and professional intuitive. She focuses on helping sensitive and empathic people redefine how they see themselves and heal from trauma, shame, and self-hate. Natasha strives to be the light […]

Growing Your Business Your Way

Our guest on the show describes how she made her profits skyrocket with minimal investment, all while feeling confident that her business was built the way she envisioned. Jane’s step-by-step process in her program, Scale Your Genius, will ensure a stable income and return on your investment, while staying true to what drives your heart […]

Financial Prosperity Through God

Our guest in this episode knows how to combine both of these things into exactly what you need: a fulfilling business that reaps the benefits of both your thriving relationship with God and your expert finance management. Ryan Mack believes in implementing the saving Word of God into your business while also reconstructing your finances […]

Discerning the Direct Marketing Maze

Sometimes the most budget-consuming part of marketing is the television ads or internet campaigns. These ads only sometimes work and still swallow huge portions of your business’s budget. It’s difficult to find what works in advertising because feedback can be wavering and unreliable. Today’s guest on the show will discuss the efficient, modern way to […]

Getting Sales Rolling with LinkedIn So You Can Eradicate Weaknesses in Your Business

Entrepreneurs all know the same struggle: finding the next step in growing their business to keep that money flowing in. Whether it be finding hot new leads or keeping clients interested, every day a business owner needs to know exactly what to do in order to succeed. When our attention is focused so much on […]

Mastering Self-Talk to Find Peace in the Single Life and Beyond

As the years pass by, many single adults find themselves thinking, “Where did I go wrong?” The initial plan was to be married and happily living with a spouse already, but with that goal long gone, there seems to be nothing left to look forward to in life. These struggling singles are looking for a […]

How to Have Effective Marketing Funnels

Managing a social media account is time-consuming and draining. Potential clients are difficult to draw in with regular ads. Many entrepreneurs struggle to find the perfect strategy for catching the eyes of their clients with their social media posts. The competitive flow of posts and ads coming through each potential client’s social media timeline can […]

Avoiding the Winter Weight Gain Slump

We’ve just gotten out of the holiday season, which causes stress for most people when it comes to our relationship with food and the scale. Raise your hand if you’ve already broken your “New Year’s resolution”? When we feel down about ourselves, our businesses struggle as well. We need to seek to root out these […]

Conversations about Christianity and New Age

Being openly religious in your business and life can be risky and possibly divisive.  But as Christians, we are called to share the “good news”.  How do you do that if it’s not okay to start the conversation? In this first part of a two-part interview, our guest Natasha Hynes is about learning to unconditionally […]

Living God’s Plan in Life to the Fullest

Melanie is a mother of 4 children and volunteers at her local Sunday School. Through her own personal experiences, she learned how to grow closer to God even amidst all of the daily distractions. Her own podcast, “The Full Life Podcast,” discusses how to grow closer to God in a personal way. She discovered, through […]

Trauma as an Obstacle in Your Business

Cassandra Shuck offers a unique course that helps entrepreneurs heal from their trauma, in order to pull their business together in the quickest, most healthy way. She wants every business owner to be able to drive their business where their heart most desire. To do this, she helps each individual client to heal in a […]

How Mother-Daughter Relationships Can Affect Your Career

No matter how successful we may otherwise be in our relationships and careers, when it comes to family struggles it’s a little more difficult to be objective in how they affect all areas of our lives. This is especially true of the mother-daughter relationship, which, when unhealthy, can have long-lasting negative effects in every area […]

Creating a Community Among Christians

In today’s world, Christians seem few and far between. They lack the much-needed community that brought them together in the first place. Without that sense of oneness, Christians have led astray in their worship and prayer. Christians need each other to instill inspiring ideas and motivate each other to keep worshipping God.  One Hope Project […]

Starting Your Start Up Right

It’s hard to know where to start when creating a brand, and even harder to manage that brand once it’s established. There are far too many places to invest your time and money, and often the budget ends up scattered and yields little rewards. While managing a brand, there is no direct path to success […]

Refocusing on Health in the 4th Quarter

For the 4th quarter of the year, let’s commit to refocusing on our health, both physical and mental. Sometimes it just takes figuring out a strategy or two that works well for us, and that will carry us strong through the busy holiday season without letting even more stress (not to mention pounds) pile on.Our […]

Releasing Your Message Into the World

Michelle Vandepas is the nation’s leading expert for entrepreneurs, personal development experts, and quantum healers who want to share what they’ve learned with the world by becoming an author. She is the co-founder of GracePoint Matrix  and GracePoint Publishing, the gold standard in concierge publishing. She is also an esteemed TEDx speaker and TEDx Speaker […]

How to Achieve Permanent Freedom from Diabetes

Those who suffer from diabetes may think there’s no end to their suffering. The disease is treated as if there is no cure, and it stays with you for life. The little treatment there is involved expensive medications and dangerous side effects. Even if the medication lessens the effects of diabetes, it’s common that the […]

Successfully Juggling Work-Life Balance in a Post Coronavirus World

Breanna Gunn knows too well the issue of the constant overwhelming schedule to keep up. She developed a reliable, consistent system that helps you redirect your time and energy away from maintaining the business and towards that vacation you’ve been longing for. With her simple sales accelerator program and her market research mastery course, she […]

Leveraging Your Current Life for Higher Prosperity

We all want to succeed and grow in a few key areas of life: our relationships, our careers, and our finances. There is so much potential in each one of us, yet sometimes we fall prey to thinking “if only I had ___, then I could be more successful!” Our guest on this episode shares […]

Unlocking the LinkedIn Treasure Chest

Business marketing is a must for any entrepreneur. It spreads the word about your services, attracts target markets, and reels in new customers. But how do you market your business in the most cost-effective and efficient way?  Our guest in this episode offers a divisive-free method of advertising your business, which frees up your budget […]

Showcasing God’s Beauty Through Lighting Design

Our guest on the show today will share some insight as to how she built an award-winning female owned company to become a top provider in her industry with an elite portfolio and name recognition.

Support For Hiring Right: An Interview with Annette Alvarez

For any business to grow, the team must expand past the founder.  Good hiring decisions catapult profits and move towards one’s vision.  A bad hire, especially in a small company, can be financially devastating.  And in larger organizations where safety is involved like Fire and Police Departments, the costs of a bad-fit employee can be […]

Healing and Hope for Covid-19 Mental Health Struggles

The Coronavirus pandemic threw everyone in for a loop. It rushed in out of nowhere, and there’s no end in sight either. Many of us are hanging on the edge from the built-up stress, fear, and financial setbacks. Businesses that you could count on are shut down, and those that are reopening still can’t operate […]

Change the World with Conscious Entrepreneurship

We all say we want to change the world. But how are we going to accomplish that, and do we really believe we can? Somewhere along the way, we lose sight of that desire in the nuts and bolts of the business.  Conscious entrepreneurship allows us to leave a lasting positive impact on the world […]

From Concert Pianist to the Presidency

As the daughter of a civil rights activist, our guest for today has learned a lot about choosing her battles by watching her father vehemently fight them all. Equally a product of her mother’s faith-focused child rearing, she speaks passionately about the role purpose-based living has played in building her life and her diversified career.  […]

Are You Dreaming Big Enough?

Our guest in this episode is going to give us some insight into how we can incorporate this inner knowledge and ability into our lives.

Bringing Wellness and Clarity to Finances

Our guest in this episode, Scott Samford, shares his expertise on how to improve, if not change, our attitude towards finances.

Business Founded by Love: An Interview with Destiny Selormey

At Christian Biz Owners on Fire, we believe that each person on this earth has some God-given purpose, and our guest in this episode, Destiny Selormey, knows that sometimes it takes the right person to touch your heart and empower you to unlock your full potential. Destiny is the founder and president of SparkLife International, […]

When & How to Use High-end Video Productions in Your Biz

Social media, web search ads, flyers, networking: these are all commonly used forms of business marketing which most of us feel comfortable using. However, most of us are missing out on one of the absolute most powerful ways to create and maintain connection with potential clients and customers: video marketing. Our guests in this episode, […]

Setting Up Workable Online Systems: An Interview with Miles Bassett

Small business owners have a wide variety of online systems to choose from when it comes to setting up their mobile offerings. Especially now in this time when businesses are pivoting to virtual-based services, it’s more important than ever to have accessible, integrated online systems that both you and your clients can easily use, from […]

A Health Recipe For Your Body, Mind, Soul (and Wallet)

As we focus on pivoting our businesses in the current climate, working hard on our next big project, most of us may not be paying as much attention as would be in the state of our health and fitness. The gym is closed, we have more time on our hands, and the loss of normal […]

EQ Over IQ: Transforming Your Leadership On An Emotional Level

Are you a frustrated leader with disengaged employees and a chaotic workplace culture? It may seem really tempting to crack down and be the tough guy, but believe it or not, you can take a much gentler approach to complete transformation of your company if you just know how.  Our guest in this episode combines […]

Helping Young People “Construct” a Life and Work Plan in Obedience to God’s Calling: An Interview with Paul Robinson

  Many young people don’t know what to do with their lives, or what kinds of career options may be available to them. Our guest in this episode connects job seekers with opportunities within the construction niche, via a specialized service that elevates, enhances, and diversifies the profession. Paul was a Construction Manager at Target […]

How to Utilize Video to Connect with Your Ideal Clients

Social media, web search ads, flyers, networking: these are all commonly used forms of business marketing which most of us feel comfortable using. However, most of us are missing out on one of the absolute most powerful ways to create and maintain connection with potential clients and customers: video marketing. Our guests in this episode […]

Authentic Christian Witnessing in Music Industry

In this episode, returning guests Ben and Anita Tatlow discuss how they developed their own unique style of music and incorporate their Christian witness into each aspect of their lives. 

Resiliency and Stress Reduction for High Achieving Women Encountering Adversity

Dr. Felice Carlton is a doctor of nursing practice, health advisor, and dynamic speaker who is on a mission to improve the lives and health of high achievers everywhere.

Developing an Authentic Leadership Style

We all want to see ourselves as great leaders with a commanding presence and the ability to hold our listeners’ attention. But how often does that work out for us in real life – especially if we haven’t been given any tools to help us develop those important skills? Our guest in this episode talks […]

Monetizing your talents in an ever-changing music industry

Our world is turned upside down by the coronavirus situation, leaving most unable to derive comfort from the tradition of public worship.  Our guests in this first part of a 2-part series  are Ben & Anita Tatlow, Hong Kong-based Christian recording artists Salt of the Sound, and we feel that their music can be a […]

Trimming the Fat So You Can Focus on Your Zone Of Genius

Our guest in this episode teaches business women how to smash through this very obstacle, in order to reach their true goals without spinning their wheels.  Emily Allen is a strategy and planning expert as well as a success coach for entrepreneurs. With over 15 years of experience, she provides insight on how to do […]

Breaking Free of Industry Norms

In an established or even oversaturated industry, there is always a lot of pressure to avoid rocking the boat, and stay within the systems that others have typically followed. But what if your values are leading you down a different path? Our guest in this episode was faced with this very question as a family […]

Selling a Feeling, Not a Product

Our guest in this episode has created a successful lifestyle brand company based on this very approach: selling a feeling, not a product. There are countless choices on the market for products within her niche, but what has made her brand a success is its creativity in forming a contagious connection with the hearts of […]

Legal Considerations for New Business Owners

Getting sued or otherwise making a legal misstep is a fear in the back of everyone’s minds, but none so much as the new business owner who is just trying their best to get off to the right start. With licensing, hiring, trademarking, contracting, and other factors to consider, if you didn’t go to law […]

Being Your Beautiful Best

It never fails: when we speak to entrepreneurs who are fulfilled, satisfied, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else with their lives, whatever their niche is, it’s always about serving others and bringing some form of enrichment to people’s lives. That’s what we’re going to discuss today with our guest, who took over 20 years of […]

Creating Peace to Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

“More time” is something all of us as business owners wish for. In fact, feeling rushed, stressed, and under time constraints for deadlines and marketing and networking is a huge factor when it comes to making mistakes in business or even deciding to close it all down. Women especially struggle with feelings of guilt and […]

The Spiritual Component to Business Success

Growing a business is full of tedious tasks, checklists, paperwork, and advertising. We heavily focus on attracting our market, going over our numbers, and making sure we’re doing everything “right” in order to hit our desired markers of success. But are we overlooking the very real component of our spiritual lives and its effects on […]

Wealth-Building Through Investing for Business Owners

Ellis Hammond is the founder of a real estate investment firm partnering with future-minded individuals who wish to grow their portfolios through solid investment opportunities in order to live the life they want and make a difference in their communities.

Holy Hacks For Business Owners

Creating a Company Culture that Inspires and Empowers

Ashley Brinton is a motivational speaker and coach who focuses on helping companies overcome their obstacles to a healthy and vibrant company culture. 

Converting Conversations to Clients with Integrity

Tiji Thomas teaches a process of turning leads into clients from your value-based sales conversations, in total integrity and authenticity. Full understanding of the psychology of customers and the entire sales process is the basis of his system.

How to Relight Your Entrepreneurial Fire: An Interview with Lee Noto

Lee Noto is a “Burnout to Bliss” Transformational Coach with first-hand experience in feeling burned out and disconnected with what she once enjoyed. Through the “Bliss Method”, Lee’s signature transformational offering, she now helps other women turn their lives around and find their bliss each new day.

Choosing a Business Niche That Fulfills a Need

Michael Ly took a different approach to going into business, by seeing a need that was going unmet in the marketplace, and creating a startup that would fill the gap.

Overcoming Obstacles in Business and Life

Regina Pontes shares how her personal journey through some of life’s most crushing obstacles not only led to the other side, but to a richly meaningful life teaching others what it means to persevere.

Mastering Multiple Revenue Streams

In this part two of our interview with Kelly McCausey,  we’ll explore Kelly’s rags-to-riches story and how you can work smart to develop multiple, many passive, revenue streams in your business. Last time we focused on how Kelly learned to work smart by focusing on the needs of her tribe. This week we will pick […]

Smarter Ways To Build Income Online: An Interview with Kelly McCausey (Part 1)

In this competitive age of online businesses, how do you get started pursuing your passion of building your own enterprise? 

Financial Literacy For Kids

Personal finance is oftentimes something that is first learned outside the classroom. When we were kids, perhaps the education we receive came from the financial habits we see around us– the TV, family and friends. Some of what we learn may be positive. But more likely, we are picking up incorrect or distorted ideas about […]

Authentic Salesmanship with Spiritual Integrity: An Interview with Justin Janowski

As a business owner, salesmanship skills are an integral part of bringing in revenue. However, as faith-based business owners, we often worry about how to come across as completely authentic in our sales interactions, ensuring that we are using high-integrity methods while also ensuring that our income needs are met.  Sometimes selling a physical product […]

God And Money: An Interview with Gregory Baumer

Many verses in the Bible talk about money, and for some, the teachings can be conflicting. On one hand it says it’s the root of all evil; but it also talks about ways to use your money to a blessing to others. Money is also  discussed in the Bible as there’s a direct correlation between […]

Making More Money and Saving for the Future

Financial planning is challenging enough when you have a set salary.  But for entrepreneurs, who eat what they kill, feast or famine revenue streams can put saving for the future on the back burner.  And the 17 hats newer or even long standing business owners are juggling to keep everything in the black doesn’t always […]

How to Monetize Your Status as an Influencer

In an increasingly online world, there’s simply too much information available for most of us to filter out. That’s why we look to influencers: highly visible social media figures who share our values and interests and who we look to for trusted recommendations.  Our guest in this episode shares how she used her skills and […]

Legal Services that Increase Your Peace of Mind

Law firms are the first place you think of when you are looking for that warm, fuzzy feeling. Our guest in this episode, Cynthia Grande, has found a way to consistently offer genuine client empathy in an innovative business model that helps her clients navigate challenging legal situations with ease and peace of mind.  

Shaking Up Culture in the Restaurant Industry in Response to Finding Jesus

Our guest returned to Christ later in life.  He experienced worldly success in the hospitality industry as a non-Christian and in his new life in Christ.  As a successful restaurateur, he faced cultural issues in the workplace as he sought change and had to overcome his fear of speaking.  Our guest transitioned from being a […]

Power Quantum Prayer: An Interview with Bob Brick

Our guest in this episode has a career that spans close to forty years.  Bob Brick is a third generation Traverse City, Michigan native, and has been called, ‘one of Traverse City’s natural resources.’  Bob is a gentleman considered a cornerstone in his community and is the top one percent of all Realtors in North […]

Design Your Dream Life: An Interview with Denise Walsh

What is it that you desire out of life? What is it that you are passionate about? These are questions that get asked of all of us as we imagine our futures. We seem to operate under the belief that if we just find out what we are passionate about, everything else will fall into […]

Healthy Homes with Great Parenting as You Grow Your Biz

Juggling the 17 Hats you wear as a business owner gets even more complicated when there are kiddos at home to raise.  Yet, if God has blessed you with children, raising them right tops the list of your most important responsibilities and achievements. Well-raised and well-formed children growing into adulthood are one of life’s greatest […]

Your Life and Biz Are Less Messy with God at the Center

Most people would agree that life can be messy.  When you are a business owner on top of that, it can get even messier. One of the differences between us and the angels is that God gave us earthly bodies.  Throw the daily details of being human in the mix, if not handled properly, and […]

Episode 183: Ethical Treasures in Jewish Tradition

In this episode Rabbi Yonason Goldson shares about his journey from world traveler to TEDTalk presenter and keynote speaker helping businesses and organizations transform stress and conflict into an interfaith “all for one, one for all” culture.

Building an Industry Niche for Creative Revenue Sourcing

Our guest in this episode shares how he used his skills in one of the most competitive industries in the world to create a whole new income-producing niche which uses his talents, helps the next generation thrive, and builds revenue.

Life-centered Financial Planning For Women: An Interview with Fran McKay

Both women and men need to be sufficiently financially literate. Women’s needs are even higher, because of the following reasons: Typically have fewer financial resources than men (e.g. lower labour market participation, lower earnings, discontinuous careers for caring activities…) They live longer on average than men; and They need to manage resources well and for […]

Relationships At A Distance: An Interview with Johnathan Jena

In a world where long distance love is still often seen as “illegitimate” or “not worth the risk”, Johnathan Jena wants to show people that there is an easier way to feel close when you’re far apart.

Making A Good Impression Via Photos: An Interview With Stephanie Simpson

In this age of infinite choices, small business owners need to be creative in finding ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace. But how do you do that? One way to do so is via brand photos.

Building A Personal Brand That Stands Out: An Interview with JuliAnn Stitick

What exactly is personal branding and how do you establish an awesome personal brand? JuliAnn Stitick shares how.

Be The Go-To Expert In Your Industry: An Interview with Weston Lyon

It doesn’t matter what products or services you offer. In this age of countless options, being able to differentiate yourself from your competitors and position yourself as the person or business most suited to serve them is vital to your success. The secret to getting noticed is authority. When you have authority, people will pay […]

Intuitive Energy Expert: An Interview with Lisa Thomas

Lacking the “grit”. Silencing the inner critic. Procrastination. Beginner entrepreneurs are very much guilty of these self-sabotaging roadblocks that drive them further away from their goal of thriving in their business. You may not be aware of it but some of those are inherited roadblocks and patterns that once recognized and released will lead to […]

Caring for the Family Caregivers: Deb Kelsey-Davis

Our guest in this episode has co-founded a ministry that equips parishes to create a spiritual home that ministers to the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of caregivers, giving them the tools and resources to help caregivers connect with their faith and encounter Christ so that they can see the grace and blessings in their […]

Dance Your Way Through Entrepreneurship

This episode focuses on a specific niche, which is dancing, but make sure to tune in as we discuss everything involved in owning a commercial venture that requires capital and business savvy. Our guest in this episode owns a dance school that helps instructors set up classes on-site in schools. Jeannette Sermak-Proulx  has been teaching since 1981. […]

Strengths-based Coaching: An Interview with Brea Roper

The strengths approach says that when it comes to developing people, there is more to be gained by building on their existing strengths than on trying to correct or make  good their weaknesses.    Too many people focus on fixing what’s “wrong” with themselves, instead of appreciating and leveraging the unique, innate talents they already possess.   […]

Leadership Coaching vs Leadership Development: An Interview with David Robertson

Have you heard of the adage that says, “Leaders aren’t trained, they’re developed”?  This is a subtle yet very important distinction lost on many. In this episode, our guest explains the distinction between leadership coaching and leadership development and how one is better than the other.   David M Robertson is a Leadership Development Practitioner with […]

The Secret Success Habits of Christian Millionaires (and Billionaires): An Interview with Michael Holmes (Part 2)

In last week’s episode, we talked about tithing and how doing so can actually lead you to a six-figure income. This week, returning guest Michael Holmes, founder of, shares with us the stories, patterns, and strategies employed by wealth Christian entrepreneurs and how everyday business owners like us can learn from those habits.

Tithing to a six-figure income

An old saying goes, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. But what if you are told that you do not just give, but to give a percentage of what you are actually earning? The first ten percent, to be specific. This is called tithing. […]

What’s “Manifesting Your Vision” all about?

If you watch any of my Facebook Live videos, read my blogs or are a regular listener to Christian Biz Owners on Fire radio, then you have heard me talk about the Manifesting Your Vision session. Tune in to hear the scoop on why to do one!

4 Keys to Touting Your Own Horn with Humility

3 Tips to Help You Take a Marathon Approach to Manifesting Your Biz & Life Dream

These simple tips can help you make sure you absolutely love the business and life you are creating.  So many people are short-sighted.  They don’t consider the impact of their business models on their lives.  They compartmentalize rather than look at a global view. But by being a Christian Biz Owners on Fire radio listener, […]

Selling for the Sales Shy

Are you sales shy? Ryann Dowdy is passionate about changing the negative stigma around sales and helping women in business become confident in bringing on new clients and asking for what they deserve.

From Scarcity to Abundance

In the previous episode, we talked to Pam Hopman, creator of The Money Profile and author of the best selling book, “Wealth Amplified. Pam talked about money mindset and the money style diagnostic tool she has created.  In this episode, Pam gives recommendations for sound financial management as a business owner.  Having a strong advocate […]

From Scarcity to Abundance

In this episode, Pam Hopman, creator of The Money Profile and author of the best-selling book, “Wealth Amplified”, talks about money mindset and the money style diagnostic tool she has created. 

How to be a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Thought leaders are the informed, go-to people in their fields of expertise. For small business owners, becoming a thought leader within one’s industry can open up the doors to numerous opportunities for business growth. But while many strive for thought leadership, few actually know how to achieve it. Especially these days when being heard is […]

Using Anger to Fuel Your Business Success

At its worst, anger can be incredibly frustrating and vexing, and it can become a tremendous obstacle to our success. At its best, however, anger is an emotion that can fuel us to great success–and ultimately, even happiness–so long as we control it.

Converting Costs into Assets

Our guest today is the CEO of a company that  has created innovative solutions that address the number one reason why businesses owners sell their companies.  And that reason isn’t tthat business owners are sailing into the sunset of retirement bliss. Small business owners have to manage their funds to stay in business.  With the […]

Old-School Tactics for New-Age Entrepreneurs

In this digital age where business owners are endlessly being told just how critical web presence is to their business’s success, it’s but natural to feel overwhelmed. There are countless online marketing and networking tools available that entrepreneurs sometimes feel like unplugging. But there is no need to resist networking and marketing just because you […]

Mindfulness For Small Biz Owners

In this episode, our guest talks about mindfulness– how business owners can benefit from practicing this and how to incorporate this into your daily routine. Connie Porazka is the Founder of Retreat to Joy, a company that  creates workshops focused on mindfulness to increase awareness, creativity and productivity for businesses and groups.   Connie has over […]

Business Coach or a Consultant: Which one is right for you

Working with the right business coach or consultant can truly help you take your business to new heights. The support and guidance you receive will save you SO much time and money when it comes to creating and nurturing a profitable business.  But do you know the difference between a business coach and a consultant? […]

People and Passion

Kristian Jaloway, founder and CEO of Jaloway Leadership Consulting (JLC) believes that no business can thrive without a healthy culture, and his experience abroad taught him how to get beyond the superficial to go to the heart of what makes people tick. In this episode Kristian gives us tips on how to train your employees […]

Standing Out in the Digital World (Part 2)

Returning guest Jean Scally delves deeper into digital marketing for entrepreneurs, focusing on establishing effective social media campaigns and maximizing the Internet for business profits.

Standing Out in the Digital World

In this episode, Jean helps us navigate marketing in the digital world. Her business, Jeanius Marketing, works with businesses across the USA. Jeanius Marketing services include Website development, search engine visibility, lead capture strategies, social media marketing, video marketing, email and text message marketing, and digital advertising.

Creating a Culture of Good through personal and professional ventures

Corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, giving back. While these are part of a company’s mission statement, oftentimes, the majority of employees have no direct connection to the work that is being done. Instead, they may see a picture of their CEO handing out a giant check or watch on the sideline as another executive is […]

Kick Self-Doubt to the Curb with Confidence Coaching

Our guest in this episode is three-time International Best-selling Author & Confidence and Presence Coach, Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo.  She is passionate about working with high-functioning women entrepreneurs, coaches and leaders who are ready to show up and shine online and in-person with more purpose, power and presence so they can have more influence and impact […]

The Challenges and Success of Family Firms

Stephanie Rising has 20+ years of practical management and marketing experience combining behavioral analysis, business diagnostics, and employee alignment processes into strategic and tactical business solutions. Her company, The Rising Effect, elevates family-owned businesses and partnerships to create profitable growth, personal harmony, and a lasting legacy.  Check out this episode!

The Human Body As A Self-Healing Organism: An Interview with Kathy Bates

Hers is a powerful story of healing. Kathy Bates is a licensed massage therapist utilizing many tools to bring improved health and appearance to her clients. She is the author of the book, Getting Well God’s Way, a personal account of her healing journey from several diseases. 

Three Ways to Increase Cash Flow in Your Christian Biz

Freeing people from their economic and emotional blocks empowers them to best fulfill their God-given mission. Check out this episode!

The Three Stages for a High Performance Company

 Sonya Gregory is the president of GOL Solutions, a company that provides  hands-on coaching and showing entrepreneurs HOW TO apply those techniques and skills in their business or personal life. Sonya is a management consultant, executive coach, trainer, and inspiration visionary.  Her passion is to help people recognize the leadership abilities within themselves and to […]

Business as a Mental Game

Our guest for this episode is a Mental Game Coach for NCSA Athletic Recruiting and former infielder for Northwestern University and the San Diego Padres. Carmen Bucci has 20 years of experience as an Educational and Motivational Storyteller to professional athletes, student-athletes, and entrepreneurs, specializing in talks on the Power of the Mind. Carmen has […]

Keys to a Clutter-Free Biz and Life

Getting organized is key to creating the life we want for ourselves and our families.  This is sometimes no easy task, but gaining and using organizing skills in our daily lives can be so important and rewarding. Our guest for today is an organizing coach for business and life success. Marcia Ramsland owns Organizing Pro. […]

Creating Systems For Your Startup Biz

Kevin A Dunlap is an Entrepreneur Strategist. He is the owner of Plentiful Perspectives, a unique personal development helping people to overcome challenges, move behind stagnancy, and master their destiny.  Kevin is also the author of the book Designing Your Own Destiny. He also hosts a weekly podcast offering wisdom on perspective living to followers […]

Limiting Beliefs Why You Need to Recognize Them and What To Do About Them

In this episode, Christina explains limiting beliefs in general, the connection with scarcity thinking, and spiritual references to the talents.

Empowering Professional Women Through Networking and Leadership

Our guest for today champions women networking. For the past four years she was the chapter president of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) Wichita Kansas, which is now the I.A. W (International Association of Women).  Linda Shinogle has been in Toastmasters since 1976 and is one of the 2% in that organization to […]

Discipleship Through Animal Ministry

Our guest talks about lessons of faith from animal ministry. Being the Curator of Innovation and Partnerships for GLMV Architecture in Wichita Kansas, specializing in zoo design, Michael Clifford shares how compassion for our four-legged friends helps spread God’s message of love, hope, kindness, and compassion to the community. Monickered as the “Zoo Philosopher”, Mike […]

How Lessons in Salvation History Apply to Your Business and Life (Part 2)

How Lessons in Salvation History Apply to Your Business and Life (Part 1)

Online visibility for solopreneurs

Vivian Wagner has several years of experience in content marketing, having started as a blogger years ago, writing and creating content and tutorials for crafts and lifestyle blog.

Identifying and Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs

Our guest in this episode is passionate about helping leaders actualize their full potential and break through personal limitations. Grace Moniz, CEO and founder of Moniz Executive and Team Coaching, is a board-certified coach who specializes in Leadership Development and Team Communications.  Grace works with and helps to create impactful executives. 

Be The Amazing Woman God Created You To Be

Personal stylist Christine Vartanian, founder of Jade. for all seasons, shares styling tips every female solopreneur must know to up their game, look and feel amazing and be the dignified woman God created you to be.  

Properly Maintaining Your Temple of the Holy Spirit

God’s Way to Financial Freedom

Our guest in this episode teaches families how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and be financially free using biblical principles. Clyrese E. Minor, Owner and CEO of Financial Bondage Broken LLC, is a Financial Strategist, Author, and Motivational Speaker. Clyrese’s experiences before achieving financial freedom are something we may have encountered […]

Being Bold, Brave, Authentic and Inspirational For Business Breakthroughs

All of us can learn from today’s guest’s skills and expertise in the foundational practices of business strategy and cutting edge breakthrough coaching techniques.

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