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One of the gifts of my coaching experience with my coach Ryan was the tool he shared with us to overcome limiting beliefs. Self-limiting imposed restrictions on ourselves, blocking us from becoming who we and how God has created us to be in favor of a much lower, less lustrous version of ourselves.  I’ve utilized his  Dicken’s Technique with myself and my clients and testify to its potency.  Based on the Charles Dickens character Scrooge, the process takes you to a dark unconscious place displaying in full color animation the potential ugly outcome of clinging to your self-limiting belief.  You respond by running towards the healthier path and mindset on both  conscious and unconscious levels.

After using it, I encountered a trigger that would have typically spiraled me into self-pity and unproductive rumination around one of my limiting beliefs I am working to replace with an empowering one.  But the Dicken’s Techhnique image I created at the bottom of the exercise always snaps me into a place transcending  the insurmountable obstacles I thought I was saddled with.

One day, as if the Holy Spirit was my new coach speaking to me, I heard myself uttering my ultimate self-limiting belief:  that I could never be a saint with a capital “s”.  Of course, I planned to be a saint because that meant I made it; I got in; I will be invited to the final and most important, universal, eternal party.

But I was comfortable being a second-tier saint, the person people liked and thought was a good person, not a John Paul II or Mother Teresa who mark their Christianity on the world.  Is coasting into heaven really my best self?  Is that really what God wants for my life?  Or am I letting the ultimate self-limiting belief that I can’t ever be a saint with a capital “s” hold me back?

As we celebrate the Easter season, challenge yourself to become a saint with a capital “S”.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Are you limiting how holy you can become and the impact you can have on the world?

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