The Biggest Manifesting Mistake (And How to Correct it)

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I felt like a Raggedy Ann Doll, lying on the operating table, having my button eye sewn back on.

I never thought I would be under the plastic surgeon’s knife. Vanity hasn’t stopped me from buying expensive anti-aging potions in a bottle. But I had drawn the line with plastic surgery to update, enhance, or age-reverse the face and body God had given me.

At that moment I was grateful for the delicate hand and skill of my doctor, who had carefully removed the Squamous Cell Carcinoma from my right cheek. She was closing the incision in a way that would make any scar on my face virtually invisible within 6 months.

One of my mentors gave me the title “master manifestor”.

Unfortunately, in this case that was exactly true. I completely manifested the cancer on my face.

You see, manifesting is very powerful. We are manifesting–good and bad things–in our biz and lives  all the time.

So, how exactly did I pull this one off.

Cancer had been on my mind.

I had been walking through the road to cancer recovery and relapse and remission and surrender with a friend of mine that I saw almost weekly if not every other week. It sounds like I was intimately with her at the treatment center, but I really wasn’t. I was part of a spiritual group she attended almost every week. I got to see and hear the ups and downs of her experience.

It started with breast cancer, which was treated and knocked into remission for, I believe, over the five-year mark.  But, then the news of its return came with more years of determination to fight. Eventually, the cancer went into the bone and in the last months, the brain.  She held off the inevitable for over a decade with some very painful treatment processes, which was a gift to everyone who knew her and got to experience her longer.

And fight, my friend did. “Fight” is not even the correct word. It’s like she shoved the cancer back with “joy”. My friend was a delight. She had a deep spirituality, attending daily mass for decades. She had a beautiful marriage, five kids to die for, and was loved and cherished by everyone who knew her. She lived a quiet, happy, peaceful life, surrounded by people who loved her, brought her meals during the tougher times. She invested time with grandkids.  Gradually, as many of her adult children as possible moved closer to home to be near her.

Let’s put it this way. My friend knew how to make dying of cancer look stylish and a beautiful experience. I complimented her as her hair bald chemo-head grew out, that she looked chic, which was no lie. She looked so good, even when being sick because she had that Holy Spirit suntan.

At the same time I was was one of the two speakers at a networking event. The other entrepreneur speaker shared her difficult story of being a single mom and dealing with her own battle with cancer and chemo, with little to no help and support.

With my new life status as a single mom and the reality that although I have fantastic friends, all of my close family members I had contact with are deceased. I felt a strong impact from both of these cancer stories.

I realized I had nothing like the support of my first friend.

And I felt a sense of panic that if I were to get cancer, my experience might feel more like that of the second woman.

Despite having a typically positive energy, abundant thinking, I told myself that while I was amazed how I was navigating my situation, that I could not handle getting cancer.

Boom! The cancer appeared on my face.

God has gotten me through so many challenges and over so many obstacles. My new belief was really a slap in the face to him and really a vote of no-confidence and lack of acknowledgement of my own resilience to myself. I believe I manifested the skin cancer on my face because God wanted to prove me wrong.

First, I was able to handle it.

Second, it actually was no big deal.

Thirdly, there was really no lasting negative impact. The out of pocket bill was modest. The scar will be almost negligible. There was no spreading. And I had basically no time that I was unable to work or perform my motherly duties.

The only real inconvenience was looking like a domestic violence victim the day after my surgery when traveling for work with a black eye and Frankenstein stitches across my cheek and nose.

Your mind is a powerful thing. It really can even influence positive or negative changes in your health and physical appearance.

I am learning and teaching my clients how to tap into this incredible power of the mind, spirit, and emotion to intentionally shape the changes they want to see in their life and biz.

Christian Entrepreneurs Biz and Life Tip:  Manifesting isn’t woo-woo; it’s Biblical. Do a search and investigate how many times “manifesting” is mentioned in the Bible. Then come on over to and I can show you how to practically apply Christ-centered manifesting for fantastic results in your business and personal life.

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  • Peggy

    Very well written and thank you for sharing. So sorry you had to go through this experience. As you shared manifesting may be biblical and yet i dont believe you manifested cancer on your face. Plus I care not to believe God would do that to you either. First time I have ever saw things differently than you, just wanted to share my feelings. I believe a lifetime of exposure to sun without SPF and your skintype left you susceptible and cannier cellls grew.

    • admin

      Hey, Peggy, thanks for your comment. This may be splitting hairs, but I don’t believe God manifested the skin cancer on my face, I did. I’m a big believer that you don’t get what you want, you get what you believe. Trust and having positive expectations for good in my life is something I am always working on as a Christian. But I am definitely a work in progress.

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