The Transformational Power of Confession

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Today is Valentine’s Day, but more importantly it is two days before our daughter receives her 1st Confession.

Actually, the two celebrations are not that different. They are about love. On Valentine’s Day we express our love to each other. Through Reconciliation we show our love and obedience to God by giving him permission to make us holy. By becoming more holy we are a gift of love to those in our lives.

With age and time I have grown to love Confession. I challenge any Catholic who hasn’t reaped the benefits of Confession to get on board quickly. Of course, there is no greater feeling than to walk out of the Church after going to Confession, knowing that God has forgiven your sins, that you have a fresh start, and that God rewards you with extra grace to continue to do better.

However, I enjoy even more the benefits when the entire family goes to Confession together. It’s such a treat to have your hubby come home from Confession as a new, more cooperative and loving man, especially if you have been in the middle of a couple power struggle. Seeing your kids recalibrate their actions and attitudes after receiving the sacrament makes me want to shout to everyone in the world to let them know what they are missing from being Catholic.

As I watch Gianna prepare with her unique set of gifts and challenges, I can see even more deeply the way God personally touches each of us when we humbly enter the confessional.

Tune in to my next blog to peek into the window with our daughter to see how much God loves us and wants to prepare us to be with Him.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Make a regular date with your entire family to go to Confession every two weeks.

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