Train Wreck: Lesson 1

 In Vocation

In my previous blog I described the potential train collision ahead as my already full and fast-paced life is about to go on steroids. Inspired by the Holy Spirit to seek help I hired a professional organizer, Kirsten Awe of Three Pea, to help me make time and space in my life for the changes ahead.

This organization process, like so many things, parallels the spiritual life. For the next several blogs I will break down what God is teaching me.

Now, I am not a disorganized person. I’m actually quite organized in my thoughts; I gravitate towards structure. Great at creating and pursing the vision, breaking down the details into manageable steps bogs me down. It’s figuring out where to put all the things and how to find where I put it and juggling which thing to do first and second–and I just got interrupted again (what was I just doing?)– that makes me feel like I’m trying to sprint through sludge.

With the laundry room and kitchen tackled, it was Kirsten’s real test: my kitchen desk. I could not imagine what she could possibly do without at least a week to help me process the piles of paper, the basket full of to-dos that never get done, the junkie toys from the last three birthday parties, the dated bulletin board items, the various bags and laptops and cameras.

What Kirsten did was akin to Moses parting the Red Sea in my view. Working side-by-side within four hours my desk was completely transformed with clear instructions of the systems I need to use to keep it that way. I still don’t remember how it went from chaos to order, more like in a blink of an eye and it was together.

I felt lighter, freer, more clear. And I asked myself…why didn’t I get help with this, years ago?

Train Wreck Lesson One is “Don’t Wait to Ask for Help.” It doesn’t have to be someone you pay; a friend or relative will do. If something is not going well, get help right away.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Ask someone you know who does something you need well for assistance.

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