TRUST in the Restoration of Order (Part 2)

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In my previous blog, I shared how I created and use the acronym “TRUST” to help me deal with the unpredictable, chaotic and frequent lack of control that often accompany our vocation as wife and mother.

TRUST stands for “Truth Revealed Under Stressful Times”.

The “Truth Revealed” that helps me get through is the belief that everything will work out, that God is in control, and that He loves me intensely and will take care of my every need. Despite the chaos I described in the previous blog, I really was not feeling an intense level of stress or anxiety. I have the experience of being here before and of God helping things come together.

“Under Stressful Times” guides me to make adjustments where needed. With the busy day, it may not work out for me to go to the gym, and I can accept that. I definitely will need to re-prioritize the long to-do list, because it is obvious I will not complete all of those tasks. I can multitask where I need to.  For example, I can reconnect with the kids while we pick up the house together.

The best thing I can do is look for the humor in the situation and approach my challenges with gratitude. I have gotten used to seeing the humor when neglected Benjamin personally draws tattoos all over his body in permanent marker or when in the void of good supervision Ian attempts to manipulate his younger siblings into doing his chores with comical logic.

Despite the craziness, it is helpful to focus on the positive.  I am grateful that my kids do have fun together and are for the most part able to play and entertain themselves. I am also happy for having a spouse who fully participates in the preparation and clean-up of gatherings we host at our home. Facing a mess together is much better than listening to him snore while you’re up until 3 a.m. Unfortunately, this is not the experience of many women.

As stressful as it can sometimes be, I encourage you to recognize the gift our vocation gives us to be flexible. Many people, as they age and their state in life changes, lose this gift and get stuck in their own need to avoid change and accompanying stress.

Next time I will share about my two roles models whom I look up to when it comes to aging well and maintaining that flexibility that makes relationships go smoother and making the restoration of order a pleasant experience.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: TRUST that God will allow you to exercise the flexibility that occasional stressful and chaotic times require.

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