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It can be a bit discouraging as a devout Catholic to hear in the press how only 13% of church-going Catholic women agree and abide to the teachings of the Catholic Church on birth control and contraception.   It makes being Catholic seem like  a farce.  Are there really that many Catholics that waste their time going to Church each Sunday while completely ignoring core Church teachings?

A groundbreaking study by Women, Faith, and Culture, Inc. titled “What Catholic Women Think About Faith, Conscience and Contraception” headed up by Mary Rice Hasson, J.D. and Michele Hill discovered logical and even encouraging reasons why so many Catholic women disregard these teachings.

What made the study sincere was the fact that the information and opinions gathered were from Catholic women who actually go to mass regularly and not those who only do so during Easter and Christmas.

As Hasson and Hill explained in their interview with Teresa Tomeo, the net findings of the study was that while many Catholic women are not following the teachings of the Church nor do they feel that they should, they are very open to getting more information.  Often when the Church’s teachings are explained properly, they do make sense and seem reasonable.

The path to enlightenment the study describes resonates with me, as that was my journey as well.

Tune in next time to hear how the light bulbs started to turn on for me about the Church’s wisdom.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  If there is a Church teaching that causes the hair on your back to raise, search for a way to get more information about that teaching.

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