The Mompreneur’s Twist to Working “On” Your Business

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Smiling woman near closetFor quality control I’ve been my own student in my own “Faith Based Revenue Boosting Program”.  It is odd that something I’ve written created such epiphanies when applying it.

An early mentor stressed scheduling time weekly to both work “in” and “on” your business.

Seeing clients, marketing, team meetings, and day-to-day implementation constitute working “in” your business.

Working “on” your business includes planning, strategizing, reviewing, and creating productivity-enhancing systems.

Friday mornings I worked “on” my business.

But when I heard Alishia Willardson, Peak Power Coach, shared her peak personal power secrets, I knew I had to include her system in my routine. Finding time for her suggested daily power hour of reading, inspiration reading, and motivation gradually became a guarded segment of my day.

Alishia’s recommended weekly 3-4 hour date with yourself proved a little trickier to work in. After indulging in several Power Date weeks and seeing the improvements in my clarity, creativity, and confidence, I determined to incorporate it.

I bounced my Fridays of working “on” my business and my peak power date. I even tried to blend the two, which didn’t give me the satisfaction of either.

My conflicting priorities confounded when another mentor I respect made a compelling case in the connection between success and productivity and a well-ordered work and home environment.  This wasn’t new to me. My experience with personal organizers proved this true.

After the funds dried up for the professionals, I haphazardly implemented the plans to finish my home organizing. But with time clutter grew like moss on a brick wall. I ignored the disorder and undone projects until they were invisible. But they still weighed me down unconsciously.

Your outside environment reflects your insides.

I was growing. The chaos clashed with my internal order. I knew I needed to tackle those projects in time blocks. But when was I going to do that?

So, I followed my directive I read in my Faith Based Revenue Boosting Bootcamp:  identify the weekly time blocks you will devote to completing  business and personal projects.

By sitting still, thinking creatively, and listening, I discovered I did have three weekly blocks of time to assign to work projects, personal projects, and peak personal power time. They varied in length from 2-3 ½ hours. I would be flexible each week about which activity to allocate for which time

The time existed!

Coaches help you see past your blind spots and allow you to be unstoppable pursuing your vision. It worked even when I was mentoring myself.

Catholic Mompreneur Biz and Life Tip:  Getting what you need to be successful in your work and personal life is a journey that requires your action.

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